Russia Opposes WHO, China Probe over Global Pandemic

Russia opposes investigations into the World Health Organization (WHO) and China in connection with their response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s senate speaker Valentina Matviyenko told Interfax on Monday.

Her remarks come amid the United States’ increasingly bitter spat with China and accusations that the WHO failed to contain the outbreak that has infected nearly 4.8 million people and killed more than 317,000. China, where the outbreak emerged late last year, has vehemently denied accusations of a cover-up, insisting it has always shared information with the WHO and other countries in a timely manner, The Moscow Times reported.

“Today, there’s certainly no reason to perform a mock trial or any kinds of investigations [into the WHO] and destroy the useful things that have been accumulated for decades by mankind,” Matviyenko said.

“Of course, Russia will oppose such actions,” she was quoted as saying by Interfax.

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