Prime Ministers hopeful Moldova will start EU accession negotiations next year

The prime ministers convey to the two nations in a joint statement that Romania and Poland will continue to use all the tools at their disposal to further support the interconnectivity with their eastern neighbors by fostering cooperation with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, including within the Three Seas Initiative and through the Eastern Partnership policy, Radio Chisinau reports.

On Tuesday in Bucharest, the fourth round of intergovernmental talks between governments was presided over by Nicolae Ciucă and Mateusz Morawiecki.

Romania and Poland are quoted as saying that they “strongly support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, within its internationally recognized borders,” according to the statement, according to Romanian outlet Calea Europeana.

“With the exception of Ukraine, Moldova is the country most affected by the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. We strongly reject the unacceptable threatening rhetoric of Russia against the sovereign state of the Republic of Moldova. Russia must put an end to its provocative actions and statements, the spread of false and incorrect information, baseless claims, and attempts to continue destabilizing the security and stability of Moldova and the region,” the statement reads.

The two EU nations “remain committed to continuing the support for both Ukraine and Moldova’s consistent efforts made as candidate states on the path to European integration.”

“We express our optimism that the two countries will begin EU accession negotiations this year and we will keep working toward that goal. We support sending a firm political signal regarding political relations and concrete cooperation between NATO and Ukraine at the NATO Summit in Vilnius. We welcome Ukraine’s aspirations to join the alliance. Regarding Georgia’s pursuit of NATO membership and the Open Door Policy, we continue to support the choices made at the Bucharest Summit.”

“We support Georgia’s ambitions to join the European Union and urge the Georgian government to keep up the reform initiatives required to achieve EU candidate status,” the two PMs said.

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