Fire in Moscow Hospital Leaves 11 Dead

Two people injured in the fire at a private hospice in Krasnogorsk (Moscow Region) have died in hospital, according to TASS. The death toll from the fire has risen to 11.

“Tonight, the death toll from the tragedy that took place and a private living facility on Tenistaya Street in Krasnogorsk has reached 11. Two people have died in hospital,” the source informed.

The press service noted that three residents of the hospice remain in intensive care units, one is artificially ventilated.

A fire was reported at a private hospice in Krasnogorsk in the early hours of May 11. Nine people have died on the scene, and 8 are currently hospitalized.

In total, 29 people aged 66 to 99 were residing at the hospital. The fire took place in a sauna on the second floor. The fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring.

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