Austria to Ban Entry from Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands and Britain

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Austrian government has announced a ban on entry into the country for citizens of the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the latest data, about 800 people have been infected with the virus in Austria, one of whom has died, Kommersant reported.

“To stop the virus spreading any further from abroad, entry rules will be tightened. In the future, tourists will not be allowed to enter directly from the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine. Air traffic with these countries will be stopped,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz at an emergency parliamentary meeting (quoted on ORF TV). According to the Russian Embassy in Austria, the ban is effective as of 00:00 on March 17.

The head of the Austrian government also called the spread of the virus – the largest challenge for the country since the Second World War. “Now we need to save the lives of people. In addition, we need to save our economy and our jobs,” he added.

To combat the epidemic, mass events were banned in Austria until April, classes in schools were canceled, ski resorts were closed. From March 16, museums, theaters, nightclubs, and retail outlets will be closed in the country, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. Restaurants will be open until 15:00. Similar measures have already been taken in France.

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