EuroChem’s Lithuanian fertilizer producer to resume production

Lifosa AB, a major European producer of phosphate fertilizer, is wrapping up preparations to relaunch operations starting December 2022. The facility is a member of the EuroChem Group AG, a company with headquarters in Switzerland, which is a subsidiary of AIM Capital Ltd, a company with headquarters in Cyprus that is governed by Linetrust PTC Ltd.

As the Group is completely devoted to its worldwide duty of tackling global food insecurity, Samir Brikho, CEO of EuroChem Group AG, expressed hope for continued progress in restoring legal access to fertilizer supplies and international markets.

“With the need to continue fertilizer supplies to key target markets in Europe and the Americas and the importance of Lifosa to Lithuania, we are pleased that we will be able to restart production in the short term,” Brikho noted.

The announcement further emphasized that removing restrictions on obtaining premium raw materials from EuroChem would allow Lifosa to once again meet the high cadmium limits imposed by the EU Commission.

“To ensure sustainable economic operations beyond December, additional steps will need to be taken with regards to Lifosa obtaining access to competitively priced raw materials and the permission to market its products to a broader customer base,” the EuroChem CEO underscored.

EuroChem Group made a significant financial sacrifice in order to restart the facility, but it did so in order to uphold its social responsibility obligations and support both its employees and the larger Kdainiai community, for which it also provides heating through the facility, as well as to support the security of the world’s food supply.

If sourcing can be promptly guaranteed, this would facilitate a restart with reduced capacity in December.

This year’s closure was the second of its sort. In a typical year, Lifosa’s manufacturing capacity surpasses 1 million metric tonnes, Reuters informs.

However, Lifosa will need to quickly reintegrate into the EuroChem sales and procurement network in order to survive in a very competitive market climate and guarantee the economic viability of the facility.

Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania, and Belgium are just a few of the nations where EuroChem Group AG operates fertilizer production operations. About 15% of the Kdainiai region’s working-age population is employed by its Lithuanian subsidiary, Lifosa AB, which also provides heating for the area.

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