ICRC provides assistance to Kherson, Ukraine


The International Committee of the Red Cross sent a team to Kherson on Tuesday to provide aid and investigate the humanitarian situation, a ReliefWeb press release states.

The team was made up of medical professionals, water engineers, and experts on the risks linked with mines and explosive ordnance.

The head of the ICRC delegation in Ukraine, Stephan Sakalian, stated that there are enormous needs in Kherson but that they also witnessed incredible fortitude on the part of the locals, volunteers, and medical staff who have persevered through great difficulty and are dealing with extremely challenging circumstances.

The ICRC provided 600 food parcels and hygiene kits to a psychiatric hospital, donated one water truck to help local water service providers, and supported our Ukrainian Red Cross partner, who is currently working to assist the most vulnerable population, by delivering 600 food parcels and hygiene kits to two hospitals enough medical supplies to treat 500 wounded patients and 2,000 patients in need of primary health care for three months.

Other pressing issues facing the people of Kherson include reestablishing connectivity so that people can stay in touch with their loved ones, fixing damaged power plants that have cut off residents’ access to heat and electricity and are necessary for water and sewage treatment, and ensuring that people have access to safe drinking water.

To better comprehend and respond to those most pressing requirements, the team also met with local officials and the Ukrainian Red Cross branch in Kherson. These connections serve as a vital conduit between the ICRC and areas affected by violence. The ICRC is still present and committed to helping the local populace in both urban and rural areas of the region, where there are significant humanitarian needs.

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