Spain Explains Situation with Russian Navy Ships

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said that Russia did not provide the necessary documents for the entry of the Russian Navy ships into the port of Ceuta, Russian media reported.

However, the Russian embassy claims the opposite: the documents were provided. One way or another, the Russian ships were not allowed to enter the Spanish port and they anchored off the coast of Algeria.

Spanish authorities explained that they did not refuse Russian ships to enter the port of the city of Ceuta. As stated in the foreign ministry of the country, the Russians were unable to provide the documentation required to enter the port.

“The problem is that when the sailors were asked for the necessary documentation in order to land in the port of Ceuta, and they did not provide them,” TASS quotes a statement from the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Spain claims that it has provided the Spanish Foreign Ministry with all the necessary documents.

“The Spanish Foreign Ministry said that for a positive solution to this issue, it is necessary to provide data on the point where the ships will proceed after entering the Spanish port of Ceuta. The necessary information was promptly provided,” RIA Novosti quotes representatives of the diplomatic mission.

As a result, the large anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” and the rescue ship “Altai” anchored 46 kilometers off the coast of Algeria.

Earlier it became known that the Spanish Foreign Ministry did not allow Russian ships to enter the port of Ceuta (a Spanish enclave in Africa), although the Spanish Ministry of Defense had no objections.

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