Zoom Unsafe for Corporate Meetings: Kaspersky

Founder and CEO of the Russian antivirus software provider Kaspersky Lab Yevgeny Kaspersky does not recommend using Zoom for business negotiations due to security problems, he said in an interview with TASS for special project Top Business Officials.

“As for Zoom, we had significant security objections from the outset. First, we did some research to find out that it’s true that the guys who authored it managed to deliver a good, convenient piece of software, but just a couple of weeks ago it was still possible to get access to meetings that have no password protection just by toying with different combinations of digits. There was no password protection by default… It looks like those who created it, did not care about protecting communication from outsiders at all. Now they’ve begun to correct the mistakes, but some questions remain. Zoom may be quite good for discussing some simple matters, but not for business contacts or discussing confidential subjects,” he said.

Kaspersky noted that Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp could be used for business negotiations. “Better than Zoom? Why, naturally. A hundred percent!” he said answering a question about whether these services have better security.

The popularity of Zoom has grown significantly amid the new pandemic and the transition of many people to remote work. At the same time, the service has been criticized for the lack of appropriate measures to ensure the safety of users’ personal data.

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