Yamal’s Fishing Company Plans to Export Tinned Fish to CIS Countries

The Orion fishing company, working in the Yamalo-Nenets Region, plans to export tinned fish to the CIS countries – Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, the company’s Director Oleg Mameyev told TASS on Tuesday.

“All formalities are under way, the certifying may take much time,” he said. “Hopefully, everything will be ready by the yearend and we will begin the export to the CIS countries.”

“First of all, to Belarus – they have tried our products and liked them,” he continued. “We also want to export tinned fish to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, where fish stores are few and it is not easy to find fish on sale.”

The company will export tinned saffron cod, pike, ide, burbot and other types of fish. “We will offer smoked fish in oil, fried fish in tomato sauce, and so on – the popular Arctic fish there,” he added.

Besides, China also expresses interest in Yamal’s fish products. “We leave this cooperation for later, but anyway they demonstrate interest in our products,” the director said.

The Yamalo-Nenets Region’s territory is mostly north of the Arctic Circle, and the other part is on the slope of the Urals ridge. The climate is cold. Some areas have the permafrost. The cold Kara Sea is nearby. Winter continues for up to eight months. The region has about 750 fishing areas, where the total annual production is more than 10,000 tonnes of fish.

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