Volgograd Region Doubles Greenhouse Vegetables Production

The authorities of Russia’s Volgograd Region said this month that 18,560 tons of greenhouse vegetables were produced in the region since the beginning of 2020, almost twice the amount as in the same period last year.

According to data provided by the Agricultural Committee of Volgograd Region, the main share of the produced vegetables is taken by cucumbers, with 14,240.7 tons collected.

Production of tomatoes has increased significantly, with crops reaching 4,290 tons, which is 267.5% of the level of the same period of 2019. Moreover, the greenhouse growers have produced 29.3 tons of other vegetables.

The realization of considerable investment projects has allowed for the stabilization of greenhouse production. Thus, within the past five years, the greenhouse acreage in the regions has increased by 2.5 times, from 48 to 115 ha, which was encouraged by the state support provided to investors.

The governor of the Volgograd region, Andrey Bocharov, said the administration intends to increase the greenhouse acreage further to 150 ha, which would allow the region to completely meet the demand for locally grown greenhouse produce.

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