Ukraine Fully Meets Russian Gas Transit Requests

Gas transit requests from the Russian gas holding Gazprom are met in full scope and up to 45 mln cubic meters of natural gas are daily transported to the EU and Moldova, press service of the Operator of GTS of Ukraine wrote in its Facebook account, TASS reports.

“Starting from 07.00 am [08.00 am Moscow time – TASS] of January 1, we are satisfying all the requests from Gazprom in full scope, transporting gas from Russia to EU states and Moldova at the rate of 35-45 mln cubic meters per day,” the press service says.

The Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) is also functioning in the reverse mode to a certain extent, the company noted. “In view of small transit volumes year-to-date, the Ukrainian gas transmission system is partly functioning in the reverse mode. That is, consumers in eastern and southern regions of Ukraine receive gas from UGS [underground gas storage – TASS] over the Soyuz gas pipeline in the “West – East” direction,” the operator says.

Ukraine and Russia completed signing the package agreement on gas transit in 2020-2024 on December 30. Agreements provide for guaranteed transit volumes of Russian gas amounting to 65 bln cubic meters in 2020 and 40 bln cubic meters in each of 2021-2024, TASS noted.

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