U.S. Allocates $15.5mn as Humanitarian Assistance for Ukraine

Since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the United States has allocated $15.5 million as medical and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, the US Department of State’s press service said, TASS reports.

“The COVID-19 assistance to-date from the State Department and USAID [US Agency for International Development] includes <…> Ukraine: $15.5 million in total assistance,” the Department of State said in a fact sheet.

The funds are intended to “improve the ability of local health care institutions to care for the sick and combat further spread of COVID-19 while increasing public communication to lower contagion risk” and to “mitigate secondary impacts such as loss of livelihoods and public services to vulnerable populations, including conflict-affected communities in eastern Ukraine.”

Since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the United States has allocated over $900 million for “emergency health, humanitarian, economic, and development assistance” to various countries, as well as international organizations and NGOs all over the world.

The United States allocated $1.7 million to Belarus, over $3.1 million to Kazakhstan, about $900,000 to Kyrgyzstan, about $866,000 to Tajikistan, about $920,000 to Turkmenistan, about $3.9 million to Uzbekistan, $2.7 million to Armenia, almost $3.6 million to Azerbaijan, $2.7 million for Georgia and almost $2.2 million to Moldova.

Besides, the United States sent more than $18 million to Afghanistan, over $44 million to Iraq, about $12 million to Yemen, about $12 million to Libya, over $31 million to Syria, over $2.5 million to Yemen, almost $5.7 million to Turkey and over $12.3 million for humanitarian assistance to Venezuela.

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