Two Options for Resumption of Flights, Sheremetyevo Airport’s Chairman Says

There are two options on how flights will resume from Moscow’s biggest airport, the co-owner of Sheremetyevo Airport Alexander Ponomarenko tells Forbes in an interview.

“We have two scenarios. According to the first one, international flights will resume in July and passenger traffic will gradually recover by the end of the year. The second scenario says that it will take at least 12 months for passenger traffic will recover to the 2019 level, so it will not happen until mid 2021,” Ponomarenko said in the interview.

Sheremetyevo’s chariman added that the second scenario might lead to a reduction of the airport’s staff but the airport authorities would seek to maintain jobs by reducing expenditures. He also said that the airport authorities would keep an eye on how the situation is developing in Europe, TASS reported.

At the beginning of April, Sheremetyevo closed Terminal D due to a decline in passenger traffic amid the coronavirus pandemic. All international flights were moved to Terminal F and domestic ones to Terminal B. The airport earlier closed Terminals E and C.

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