Travel Prices for 2020 Not Expected to Go Up, Russia’s Travel Union Says

There will be no price hike for package tours and routes in 2020, Vice President of the Russian Travel Industry Union Yuri Barzykin said in an interview with the Zvezda TV Channel, TASS reported.

“Will the package tours and routes become more expensive this year? No, they will not be more costly,” he said.

The domestic tourist traffic will recover by August in absence of the second wave of the coronavirus spread, Barzykin said.

“However, according to estimates of specialists, the traffic will decline on the domestic market from 30% to 50%, although the outbound tourism will not operate,” he added.

Individual openings will take place on the outbound tourism market by August and by fall, the expert said.

“Most probably, this will be the Mediterranean Region and Turkey,” he noted. “I believe Europe will start opening for us by the end of the year, by the Alpine skiing season. Losses will also be huge but the outbound market will start recovering by the year-end,” Barzykin said.

“The recovery [of the tourist market] will take from 12 to 18 months in general terms,” he added.

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