Steven Seagal Interested in Far East Hectare in Russia’s Buryatia

Actor and director Steven Seagal, who holds US, Serbian and Russian citizenships, announced his interest in the Far East Hectare program, which makes it possible to acquire a portion on land, during his visit to Russia’s Buryatia Region, Buryatia government press service said Monday.

He came to Buryatia on July 21, intending to visit Lake Baikal, the Ivolginsky Datsan, to familiarize himself with the culture and traditions of the Old Believers, TASS writes.

“Steven Seagal does not rule out his participation in the Far East Hectare. The Hollywood star would like to teach martial arts to the children of Buryatia and to protect Lake Baikal,” the press service said.

Since the Far East Hectare program began, over 2,100 people received land in Buryatia, and over 3,200 people were granted land in the Trans-Baikal Region. Most often, the land is taken for residential construction. The high filing activity in the Trans-Baikal Region is explained by the fact that there is no buffer zone near the Region’s capital city of Chita, making it possible to obtain land 30 minutes away from the city center. The buffer zone surrounding Buryatia capital city of Ulan Ude is being reduced, as well.

On November 3, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order, transferring the two regions from the Siberian to the Far Eastern Federal District. Since August 1, land is offered via the Far East Hectare program there: the locals can obtain land within 42 days since filing an application; they are freed from land tax for five years.

Since February 1, 2020, all residents of the Far Eastern Federal District became eligible to the program. Since August 1, 2020, the program will cover all Russian citizens and compatriots living abroad.

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