Sobyanin Estimates Number of COVID-19 Cases in Moscow at 300,000

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin estimated the actual number of people infected with coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the capital at 300,000 people. He stated this on the television channel Russia 24.

According to screening studies, 2–2.5% of the total population of Moscow have COVID-19, he said. The mayor called the identification of a large number of cases a huge plus.

“There are even more patients in the city,” said Sobyanin, as quoted by Vedomosti.

According to him, Moscow doubled the number of tests for coronavirus in a week. However, over the past 14 days, the number of hospitalizations with COVID-19 in the capital has not increased. On May 7, the number of hospitalized and discharged after recovery shows a positive trend.

“He signed up more than he was hospitalized,” Sobyanin said. In his opinion, the coronavirus pandemic does not stop but develops. He encouraged everyone to be prepared for different scenarios. Opening some production, removing any restrictions, and making concessions, you can get both an increase in the incidence and hospitalization, he explained.

Sobyanin also said that reserve hospitals are being created in Moscow, for example, in the 75th pavilion of VDNH.

“These are full-fledged hospitals with medical staff, with therapeutic oxygen gases, with mechanical ventilation, with intensive care units and relevant staff,” the mayor said, expressing the hope that they would not be needed.

Over the last day in Russia, 11,231 (6,703 cases in Moscow) revealed a new case of COVID-19 infection, almost half of the patients do not have symptoms of the disease, the operational headquarters said. The total number of cases in the country exceeded 177,000 people, of which more than 92,600 were in Moscow. Over the entire period, the number of fatal cases is 1625, the number of recovered is 23,803.

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