Sheremetyevo Publishes Annual Report: Record Levels of Passenger and Cargo Traffic in 2019

Sheremetyevo International Airport has released a comprehensive report on the financial and non-financial performance of the company for 2019, including information on completed and future development projects.

The report has been released in Russian and English and in both print and electronic formats, with illustrations. The content of the document goes beyond the standard financial statements and covers significant facts and developments, as well as historical and other relevant information about the airport.

Sheremetyevo reached record levels of passenger and cargo traffic in 2019 and recorded a significant increase in revenue and profit. The airport had served 49.9 million passengers by the end of 2019, 8.9% more than in 2018, and take-off and landing operations totaled 386,370, an increase of 8.2%. Sheremetyevo International Airport served 49% of the total passenger traffic and provided 49.4% of the take-off and landing operations of the Moscow aviation hub. International expert agencies OAG and Cirium recognized Sheremetyevo Airport as having the best on-time record among world’s largest airports.

Other significant events of 2019 include Sheremetyevo’s being named for A.S. Pushkin, its receipt of 5 Skytrax stars for Terminal B, the commissioning of the new Runway-3, and the opening of Terminal C for 20 million international passengers a year and a multi-level parking facility for 2,500 cars.

Sheremetyevo Airport received a number of prestigious national and international awards and recognitions in 2019. It was named the best in quality of services among airports in Europe serving more than 40 million passengers per year, according to the results of the ASQ ACI survey, and the best airport in the world according to a global study by British company Stasher.

The report pays particular attention to plans for the airport’s future development, airport security, corporate governance, and SVO’s community and charitable activities.

One section of the report is dedicated to the origin of the Sheremetyevo place name and the transformation of Sheremetyevo Airport into a national and, later, modern world-class Russian brand over its 60-year history.

The auditor of the consolidated financial statements and accounting (financial) statements of Sheremetyevo is the accounting firm Ernst & Young LLC.

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