Sheremetyevo Presents Strategic Plans at NAIS 2020

А delegation of managers and specialists from Sheremetyevo International Airport participated in the business section of the NAIS 2020 forum. At the Effective Strategies for the Development and Management of Airports conference, Andrey Nikulin, First Deputy General Director for Production at SIA JSC, gave an extensive presentation on modern infrastructure and the prospects for development at SIA, the airport’s press service said.

“Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest air terminal complex in Russia, as well as an important part of the worldwide transportation system. It is the world’s leading large airport in terms of punctuality and the best in Europe in terms of passenger service quality. In recent years Sheremetyevo Airport has been evolving steadily and dynamically in line with the 2026 Long-term Development Programme and the Master Plan,” Nikulin said.

“Targets of 100 million passengers and 500 thousand tonnes of cargo by 2030 with impeccable service can be achieved only through constant and advanced development of infrastructure, effective management systems, and implementation of the best technologies,” he noted.

Since 2017, the airport has been rapidly putting into operation new infrastructure facilities aimed at creating favorable conditions for airlines and quality passenger service. Between 2017 and 2020, a state-of-the-art cargo complex, third refueling complex, Terminal B, inter-terminal tunnel, Terminal C, new parking lots, and other facilities were commissioned. Over that period, investments at SIA JSC amounted to over 1.2 billion dollars transforming the airport into one of the best and most efficient hubs in the world.

The commissioning of Runway 3 in September 2019 has nearly doubled the airport’s handling capacity – from 65 to 90 takeoffs and landings per hour, and to establish long-term balance in the terminal and airfield infrastructure capacity.

Currently, the airport is reconstructing Runway 1 which in practice amounts building a new 3,550-meter long landing strip. It is scheduled for commissioning in late 2020. The investments in this project will amount to $145.5 million.

Given the location of runways and the configuration of the airport, the main development core of Sheremetyevo Airport is the Northern Terminal Complex. It consists of Terminals B and C and is connected to the Southern Terminal Complex by an automated underground transportation system for passengers and luggage, unique in Russia.

The newest Terminal C with a total area of 127,375 square meters was designed for international airlines and has an annual capacity of 20 million passengers. The main challenge in the design and construction of Terminal C was to combine the highest level of technology and conceptual solutions in architecture and design based on a theme of Russian constructivism. In the future, Terminal C will be expanded; Phase 2 is to be commissioned in 2026, with its annual capacity increasing to 35 million passengers.

In addition, the following facilities will be put into operation at the airport in 2022-2026: a railway line with stations in the Northern Terminal Complex; Phase 2 of the Moscow Cargo Complex designed for 300,000 tonnes annually; new airfield infrastructure facilities, including efficient waste treatment facilities.

The cutting-edge airfield and terminal infrastructure at Sheremetyevo is creating new long-term growth opportunities for air carriers already operating at the airport. It is also attracting new airlines and offers business perspectives for the vast number of partners, suppliers, and small and medium-sized businesses.

In the future, upon commissioning of new facilities, Sheremetyevo Airport plans to join the ranks of the largest air hubs in the world and strengthen its status as the main transit hub between Europe and Asia.

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