Sheremetyevo Airport Introduces Digital Signage for Its Terminal B

In order to entertain an influx of visitors, Sheremetyevo recently undertook an enormous modernization project that involved the demolition of the airport’s original Terminal 1 and the construction of an entirely new transportation hub, Terminal B, in its place, TechDecisions sreported.

For the new Terminal B’s digital signage, Sheremetyevo didn’t just want pragmatic options and solutions that would simply provide information. Instead, Terminal B’s digital signage solutions needed to be bold and grab passengers’ attention, provide a taste of Russian culture and complement the terminal’s avant-garde architectural design.

For all the above, Sheremetyevo turned to LG Business Solutions. LG helped Sheremetyevo consolidate and simplify the workflow for Terminal B’s construction.

“Sheremetyevo Airport wanted to build a brand-new terminal with an innovative digital signage concept in a relatively short period of time. We worked closely with the airport to comprehensively help them address their needs, from pre-sales support to installation and troubleshooting,” says Grigory Astafiev, Key Account Manager, LG Electronics Russia.

LG only had one and a half months to install hundreds of digital signage products, and they were more than ready for the challenge, swiftly installing and troubleshooting each piece of digital signage in time to greet Terminal B’s first passengers.

Sheremetyevo Airport required a piece of digital signage that could serve as the focal point within Terminal B as well as a landmark not only for the airport, but for Moscow as well. LG recommended the installation of a massive four-sided direct-view LED signage totem display, strategically placed to be seen by everyone heading up to Sheremetyevo’s departures hall.

Designed in the avant-garde style of early 20th Century Russian constructivists, the new Terminal B features bold architectural stylings with stark colors and sharp angles.

The digital signage within the terminal’s halls needed to be as eye-catching as the structure in which they reside and provide passengers with a unique Russian cultural experience as they wait to depart.

Building on the constructivist design philosophy, Terminal B has two digital art sculptures inspired by the Proun drawings and paintings of El Lissitzky, a Russian avant-garde artist.

Titled “Circle and Cube,” this installation creatively integrates art and cutting-edge technology.

Multiple LED units were set within custom frames to create circular LED screens as well as square LED screens mounted in cube form to offer passengers a uniquely Russian synchronized media experience unlike any other digital signage anywhere else in the world.

By far the largest single piece of digital signage in Terminal B, the LED signage totem rises two stories up from its base and the escalator next to it allows passengers to take in its enormous scale up close.

Made up of LG’s high-brightness LAS series digital signage displays, the LED signage totem stands out from the rest of the terminal’s architecture to display intricate animated clock towers, Russian cultural showcases, and advertisements for travelers approaching in all directions.

The LED signage totem was a demanding challenge to install and set up. A custom frame with an incorporated air-cooling system first had to be constructed.

Each individual LED unit had to bear extremely stringent manufacturing and installation tolerances to ensure that there would be no visible gaps between them to form a seamless four-sided screen that presents passengers with ultrabright high resolution visuals with true colors.

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