Russia’s Number of Coronavirus Recoveries Higher Than New Cases

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Russia grew by 8,536 in the past 24 hours, 8,972 patients recovered, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Wednesday, TASS reports.

The number of recoveries exceeds the number of new cases for the second day in a row. The daily increase in the number of infected people in the country dropped from 2.1% to 2%.

A total of 432,277 coronavirus cases have been confirmed throughout the country so far, 195,957 people (more than 45%) have recovered.

Another 736 cases were confirmed in the Moscow Region, 380 in St. Petersburg, 357 in the Sverdlovsk Region, 347 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region and 239 in the Arkhangelsk Region.

A total of 502 people were discharged from hospitals in the Moscow Region in the past 24 hours, 323 in St. Petersburg, 272 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, 183 in the Murmansk Region and 177 in the Tatarstan Region.

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