Russia’s Crisis Center Reports 4,900 New COVID-19 Cases

Russia’s coronavirus cases rose by 4,921 in the past day, reaching 951,897, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Saturday, TASS reported.

According to the data, the daily growth rate did not exceed 0.5%.

The highest number of new cases was reported in Moscow – 687 cases, 183 in St. Petersburg, 161 in the Moscow – 687 cases, 183 in St. Petersburg, 161 in the Moscow Region and 129 in the Rostov Region and 128 in the Stavropol Region.

The zero growth in the past day was recorded in the Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Regions. In the Moscow Region it reached 0.2% and 0.3% in Moscow, the Lipetsk, Smolensk, Tambov and Tula Regions and a number of other regions.

The number of the so-called active cases (patients, who are undergoing treatment) dropped from 169,457 to 168,110. Currently, 17.7% of all those infected in the country are ill.

The number of coronavirus patients who were discharged in Russia grew by 6,147 in the past day, reaching 767,477. According to the crisis center, the overall number of recoveries exceeded 80.6%.

In the past day, 1,094 patients were discharged in Moscow, 196 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, 176 in the Stavropol Region, 170 in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region and 159 in the Rostov Region.

The number of coronavirus deaths rose by 121 in the past day versus 90 a day earlier. According to the crisis center, a total of 16,130 people have died from the coronavirus in Russia or 1.71% of those infected.

In the past 24 hours, 18 fatalities were registered in St. Petersburg, 10 in Moscow, 7 in the Murmansk, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk Regions, 6 in the Krasnoyarsk Region, 5 in the Omsk and Rostov Regions, and Yakutia.

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