Russian State Tech Company to Present over 100 Innovations at Army 2021 Forum

The Ruselectronics Group of the state-owned Rostec will showcase more than 100 military and civilian technologies at the Army 2021 international military-technical conference, the company’s press office said on Friday, according to TASS.

Over 100 military and civilian production advancements will be shown by the Group. Visitors at the forum will be able to see modern troop command and control systems, cutting-edge reconnaissance technology, and communications equipment for aviation and the navy. This year, the company want to sign a number of agreements with partners on the supply of our equipment as well as the development of new goods and technologies, according to the press office.

Visitors to the forum will be able to view for the first time the export version of the Vektor Research Institute’s Penitsillin acoustic and thermal reconnaissance equipment. The technology can detect enemy fire locations from up to 38 kilometers away. The assertion claims that getting coordinates from a target takes no more than five seconds.

The Polyot Research and Production Association will demonstrate the S-112 communications system for the Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighter jet, the S-108 communications and data exchange technology currently in use on the Su-35 fighter, integrated communications, data exchange, navigation, and identification equipment, and an onboard communications suite based on integrated modular avionics.

Furthermore, the Penza-based Radiozavod Company will have a mobile ground command post for controlling Orlan-10E unmanned aerial aircraft, as well as a mobile command station of an artillery (mortar) battery.  According to the announcement, the Sozvezdiye Group will use the R-176-1AE radio station as a major component of the newest mobile long-range top command communications center referred to as the fifth generation of radio communications.

Ruselectronics enterprises will also demonstrate a wide range of civilian products, including the Groza-1.5 small-size tropospheric communications station, DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) radio stations, stationary and mobile air recirculation units, devices for fire protection in faulty wire, a highly mobile satellite communications system with Internet access, and telephony.

On August 22-28, the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center will host the Army 2021 international military-technical conference, which will include approximately 220 exhibitors.

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