Russian Health Ministry Recommends “Sputnik Light” for Citizens over 60

The Russian Ministry of Health has updated its recommendations for vaccination against coronavirus. As reported on the agency’s website, the institution has officially recommended the use of “Sputnik Light” vaccine for citizens over 60.

Moreover, it will be used both for revaccination, and in the case of those who have recovered from COVID-19, Russian media reported.

To reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus, doctors are advised to organize individual work with senior citizens, including those living in social security institutions.

Also, according to the report, “Sputnik V” is recommended for use in the vaccination of people with HIV infection.

“It is recommended to use the Gam-Covid-Vac vaccine (Sputnik V – Ed.) For the prevention of COVID-19 in HIV-infected patients who begin antiretroviral therapy four weeks after the start of antiretroviral therapy,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The document states that vaccination against COVID-19 is indicated for any immune status unless the patient has other restrictions.

In addition, the Ministry of Health clarified how long QR codes should be valid. So, for those who received a negative result of the PCR test, the code will be valid for 72 hours, for those who have recovered – six months, for those vaccinated – a year.

But in the event of a worsening epidemiological situation, the validity period of the code for the vaccinated can be reduced to six months, the news outlet added.

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