Russian Company Creates Cutting-Edge Medical System

Russian company Medplant, a resident of the Moscow Special Economic Zone, has come up with a unique portable device that monitors the condition on artificial ventilation, TASS reports.

The device can be used both in medical facilities and in the field, according to the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

“The KapnoTest portable CO2 monitor offers functionality, size, and mass that allows it to be used both in facilities and in ambulances. The device is fast to deploy, and it can work up to six hours without an external power source. The appliance also has a wide array of developed interface settings, trends, signals, and alarm thresholds,” the department says.

The device has no competitor in Russia, the department said, adding that the first serial units will be rolled out in March 2020.

“Moscow’s Medplant company is actively developing solutions that enjoy high demand both in Russia and in other countries. Their innovative products are import substitution in action. The company’s products make it possible to replace foreign analogs while [the city helps] the company reduces its spending by providing tax cuts and other Special Economic Zone benefits,” Department head Alexander Prohorov said, according to the press service.

Medplant is a Moscow-based developer and producer of a wide array of innovative portable medical equipment and has a broad import-substitution line. The company has 31 registered medical products and 14 patents.

More than 20,000 ambulance vehicles in Russia and neighboring countries are equipped with Medplant innovations. The Ministry of Emergencies, National Guard, and the Disaster Medicine and Armed Forces all use Medplant equipment.

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