Russia Aims to Begin Public COVID-19 Vaccinations in October

Russia expects to start mass anti-coronavirus vaccinations, across the country, by October, the country’s health minister has said. Mikhail Murashko added that medical workers and teachers will be given first priority, RT reported.

Murashko announced on Saturday that clinical trials of a vaccine developed by the Moscow-based Gamalei Institute have been completed and that the health ministry is aiming to begin a public vaccination program in October. Medical personnel and teachers will be the first to receive immunization, he said. “Now, the package of documents for the procedure of registration [of the vaccine] is being prepared,” Murashko added.

The Minister also said that another vaccine, developed by Vector, a Novosibirsk-based infectious diseases lab, is undergoing clinical trials. The health ministry is also expecting two more vaccines to be ready soon for start tests on volunteers.

Russia hopes to become the world’s first country to have a Covid-19 vaccine approved. Normally vaccines take years to develop and properly test – but, given the circumstances of the pandemic, many nations and pharmaceutical companies have claimed that a safe product could be made in 18 months or less.

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