Rostec’s Avtomatika Working on Alternative Zoom Conference Service

The Avtomatika company, part of the Rostec state corporation, is developing a cloud platform for secure video conferencing and intends to create a Russian alternative to the Zoom service, the company’s CEO Vladimir Kabanov said in an interview with TASS.

“We are currently working on a secure video conferencing model that will be a cloud service. The next step will be to scale the architecture and define technical solutions in order to create a full-fledged cloud platform similar to Zoom,” he said.

According to Kabanov, the pandemic has shown the need to organize remote negotiations not only for commercial companies, but also for government agencies. In the coming years, Russian state agencies will be able to switch to domestic video communication systems, he said.

“All the prerequisites have been created for the growth of demand for such technologies, and confirming certificates for information security and confirmation of the status of domestic development allows the introduction of products for the government’s needs. This is a prospect for the coming years,” the head of the company said.

He added that simultaneously with the development of technologies for remote work, Avtomatika is also creating information security systems.

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