Putin Says Coronavirus Concerns Region Too, Not Just Moscow

The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 concerns not only Moscow but every region of Russia said Russian President Vladimir Putin. He urged the governors to be prepared to overcome difficulties. The President noted that the peak of coronavirus in Russia has not yet been passed.

“It is important for us that throughout the country, not only in large cities and metropolitan areas but in every region and territory, there is one hundred percent readiness – to fight for the life of every person, to help people who are faced with an illness,” Putin said at a meeting on the progress construction and re-profiling of medical centers in the regions of the Russian Federation.

He drew attention to the difficult situation with coronavirus in the Vladimir region and the Komi Republic. Putin asked a number of regional leaders to submit reports on how work is being done on the ground.

The head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that 44 hospitals for receiving patients with coronavirus will be redesigned in the regions, which will give more than 5 thousand extra beds.

“Today we have a good supply of beds, but nevertheless, on your instructions, plans are being developed for additional involvement of beds if necessary, including federal medical organizations located in the regions of our country,” Murashko said. Also, according to him, more than 1.2 million medical workers underwent retraining for the fight against coronavirus.

The President instructed the federal authorities to work more closely with the regions. He called for the use of allocated more than 36 billion rubles. for new applications from regions to combat coronavirus. Putin recalled the personal responsibility of the regional leaders for the work being done.

Over the past 24 hours, 4,069 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were registered in Russia, the total number of infected reached 32,008. During the day, 286 people recovered, a total of 2,590.

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