Peskov: Payments to Retirees Will Not Lead To an Increase in Taxes

The proposal of the head of state to make payments to the military and pensioners has been carefully calculated and will not lead to an increase in taxes in Russia, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday.

The State Duma and the Federation Council have estimated payments of at least 500 billion rubles. According to the legislators, all the money is reserved in the budget, Russian media reported.

“Of course, such announcements are preceded by very serious work so that what you say does not happen.” Peskov pointed out.

According to him, the balance of the budget will remain in accordance to what has been agreed by the cabinet of ministers.

On August 23, Russian President Putin proposed to pay all pensioners of Russia 10 thousand rubles at a time in 2021, and 15 thousand rubles to the military on average.

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