O3 Group Company Launches Large-Scale Production of Disinfectant Antiseptic Agent

O3 Group, a part of VEB Ventures project portfolio, launched a new product: professional disinfectant antiseptic TRIOKLIN PRO™ 0090.

The product is designed to ensure the safety of citizens and disinfection measures. Competence of the O3 Group in development of new products, its own R&D center in Skolkovo and production site in Rostov-on-Don allowed to launch the project in a record 3 weeks.

TRIOKLIN PRO™ 0090 was developed in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) for disinfection activities to prevent diseases caused by influenza viruses, including type A H1N1, H5N1, parainfluenza, acute respiratory viral infections, SARS viruses, roto-viruses and coronoviruses. TRIOKLIN PRO™ 0090 is safe for hand skin and can be used for professional surface sanitation. Learn more about the product: o3.com.

“In these challenging times, the ability of high-tech companies to quickly launch production lines for socially important products comes to the fore. Many major players from a wide variety of industries are now seeking to contribute to the fight against the spread of the epidemic, and we welcome O3’s initiative. The announced production volumes are impressive: thanks to the launch of the new product at the O3 production site, up to 100 thousand 5-liter canisters of disinfectant will be produced each month,” said Oleg Teplov, CEO of VEB Ventures.

In today’s situation, O3 Group be able to produce at least 400 tons of the product per month. Shipments of the new product will start on April 3, TRIOCLIN PRO ™ 0090 will be delivered to the enterprises of Rostov region and other cities of Russia.

“The launch of TRIOKLIN PRO™ 0090 will allow us to protect employees of the enterprises that continue to work under the conditions of coronovirus epidemic, and the 5-liter packaging will make the disinfectant antiseptic more accessible and reduce the amount of plastic waste,” said Grigory Shifrin, General Director of O3 Group.

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