Nord Stream, Turkstream Emissions More Than Thrice Lower Than From US-Made LNG

Greenhouse gas emissions during Russian gas supplies over the Nord Stream and the TurkStream gas pipelines are more than three times lower, compared to LNG supplies from the United States, to Europe, the Russian gas holding Gazprom said on Wednesday, TASS reported.

“Greenhouse gas emissions in the Gazprom Group declined in 2019 by 3.52 mln tonnes of CO2 equivalent or by 1.5% against 2018,” the company said.

Gazprom has become the first Russian company that computed the volume of emissions with the use of the global temperature change potential for the 100-year period. As a result, actual carbon footprint of the company’s operations was found to be lower by 25.2 mln tonnes of CO2 equivalent more.

Methane emissions throughout the Gazprom’s operating chain are close to zero, the company said. In 2019, they totaled 0.02% of the produced gas volume during production, 0.29% of the transported gas volume during transportation, and 0.03% of the stored gas volume for underground storage.

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