Nord Stream 2 Operator Can Appeal Against EU Court Decision

Nord Stream 2 AG, the Swiss-based operator of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, will analyze the decision taken by the European court, which dismissed the company’s claim against the EU Gas Directive norms, and can file an appeal against the judgment within two months, the press service of Nord Stream 2 AG told TASS on Wednesday.

“We have taken note of the ruling by the General Court. It is important to note that the ruling only concerns procedural questions, including in particular of admission to the court. The court has not rejected our claim on substance, in particular that the amendment of the Gas Directive constitutes an unlawful discrimination of Nord Stream 2. Therefore, we maintain our claim,” Nord Stream 2 AG said.

“We are now analyzing the ruling. Nord Stream 2 can file an appeal within a two-month period,” the company added.

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