New PD-14 Plane Engine to Be Equipped With Artificial Intelligence Elements

Artificial intelligence technologies will be introduced to the PD family engines, including the PD-14 engine for the MC-21 planes, the United Engine Corporation (UEC) Chief Production Officer Valery Teplov told journalists Tuesday, TASS informs.

According to Teplov, introduction of AI elements in aviation engines control system is a world trend.

“We have such plans too. They primarily include modern developments – the PD-8, PD-14 and PD-35 engines. Using these engines would be impossible without such systems as the AI elements,” Teplov said.

He disclosed that a modern gas-turbine engine generates about 2 terabytes of information during a 4-6 hour flight.

“This information must be stored, processed and analyzed somewhere. Of course, without AI, controlling such flow of information is impossible,” he underscored.

The PD-14 engine has been developed by the UEC companies for the MC-21-300 passenger plane, using cutting-edge technologies and materials, including composite ones.

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