Most Russians Think About Changing Jobs Amid Lockdown, Poll Shows

A majority of Russians in a recent poll have said they want to change their current jobs, some plan to find a more promising vacancy, while others fear the difficulties that their employer is experiencing during the quarantine, employment service said on Tuesday, according to New Retail.

The website conducted a survey with 8,500 respondents from all Russian regions. Out of those people, 69% of Russians said they would change their jobs during the quarantine, while 43% of respondents decided to find a more promising job. 18% of respondents said they would like to change jobs, as their company may soon encounter financial and other difficulties, and 8% of respondents realized that they don’t like their work. 

However, more than half have not yet made any attempts for a new job, analysts say. Only a third of the survey participants intend to remain in their current position and do not plan to change jobs during self-isolation.

Of those willing to change jobs, more than a third (37%) are looking for any temporary part-time jobs, another 34% of respondents do not plan to change the scope of employment, and a quarter of respondents thought about a radical change in the format of work – they intend to get a new profession for working from home.

“About half of the respondents that we asked, plan to change jobs, and have transformed to the current market realities and have already taken active steps to look for work remotely or have begun to learn new professions,” said Yulia Sanina, HR and service development director at

Despite the decisive attitude, more than half of Russians (52%) do not yet do anything to change jobs, waiting for the end of the coronavirus pandemic. A third of respondents have already updated their resumes, and 11% of respondents began to learn a new profession remotely.

However, decisive measures, in particular, a conversation with superiors about a possible change of position within the company, were decided only by 4% of the survey participants.

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