Moscow Authorities Expect Economy to Return to Pre-Crisis Levels by July

Moscow authorities are hoping that the city’s economy by July may return to levels prior to the introduction of restrictions due to coronavirus, said deputy Moscow mayor Vladimir Efimov in an interview on Rossiya-24 television channel on Tuesday, TASS writes.

“I think that by July we should reach the values that we observed in March before the introduction of restrictions,” Efimov said, when answering a question.

Meanwhile, First Deputy head of Moscow mayor’s administration Alexei Nemeryuk said almost 70% of trade enterprises and 80% of service industry enterprises are currently open in the Russian capital.

“Today, almost 70% of our stores have opened and almost 80% of [service] enterprises have opened. It’s clear that restaurateurs are just ahead, we’ll see, because this is one of the most sensitive sectors,” said he in a radio interview.

At the same time, Nemeryuk noted that right now it is difficult to say how many trade enterprises are forced to close due to previously introduced restrictions in connection with the pandemic. According to him, there are different estimates, but serious studies have not yet been conducted.

Self-isolation has been canceled in Moscow on June 9. Salons and veterinary clinics have been opened, restrictions on car sharing and visiting cemeteries have been lifted, movie studios and scientific institutes may begin work as usual.

Starting June 16, restrictions on planned dental care will be lifted, libraries, museums and zoos will open, and sporting events will be able to have spectators. Also, outdoor summer cafes will be open, and in a week, people will be able to go into indoor cafes as well.

It is planned to open fitness clubs and remove restrictions from kindergartens and social protection institutions on June 23. Wearing masks and gloves in public places remains mandatory.

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