Miratorg Becomes First Russian Company to Export Beef to Brazil

One of Russia’s biggest meat producers, Miratorg, has announced that the first delivery of 13 tons of beef will soon be supplied to Brazil, marking the first time ever that Russian beef is being exported to the South American country, Sputnik Brazil reported.

The company says the product will be distributed among Brazil’s hotel chains and restaurants.

“The company’s strategy is aimed at increasing exports of high value-added products that are competitive in price and in demand on global markets,” said Miratorg’s President Victor Linnik, as quoted by the company’s press service.

He noted that Miratorg takes into account the peculiarities of food culture in importing countries when planning future supplies.

Miratorg supplies meat to almost 30 countries, including the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Eurasian Customs Union and the CIS.

The company says it provides “100 percent quality and safety, due to our complete ‘from the field to the fridge’ production cycle.” It offers consumers more than 3,000 different own-brand products, including marbled beef, pasture-fed beef, pork, chicken, stewed meat, burgers, frozen ready meals, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, and ready-to-eat food.

In 2019, Miratorg produced more than 137,000 tons of beef.

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