Kremlin: West Leaving behind New Humanitarian and Political Disaster in Afghanistan

According to Russia’s government , the West is leaving behind a new humanitarian and political catastrophe in Afghanistan as a legacy to the world and to future generations, TASS reports.

During an interview with the Solovyov-Live YouTube channel, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova  said that  the world is  witnessing once again that the Western community, which is protecting some of its own Western ideals, is once again producing  yet another catastrophe to the globe and to future generations.

There had been a series of crises in the area before that: Libya, Iraq, and Syria, all of which were able to weather the storm due to Russia’s firm measures and the instructions given by the Russian president, Zakharova said, as well as many other regional issues. Another issue has now been added to the mix, and that is as follows. 

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, as well as the scenes of people falling to their deaths as they were thrown from US military transport planes taking off from Kabul International Airport, demonstrate the West’s true attitude toward human rights, according to the Russian diplomat who made the observation.

Russian government notes that after reading all of those  lengthy reports on human rights in the world that the Western community, ranging from the United States and Britain to other EU and NATO countries, the world  must remember how they implement and respect human rights in a particular situation, because there are thousands of people rather than a single individual whose rights must be protected the next time.

Citizens of Afghanistan and citizens of other nations have shown up to be there, Kremlin concludes. 

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