Kremlin Hoping That New US-Proposed Sanctions Will Not Materialize

The Kremlin is hoping that the new anti-Russian sanctions proposed by the Republicans in the US House of Representatives will not be imposed. Moreover, such impulses do not improve bilateral relations, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov is certain, TASS reports.

“Of course, we can only regret that these new impulses are out there advanced by certain people in the general US policy,” he said Thursday.

According to Peskov, “this definitely does not contribute to normalization of bilateral ties.” “We are hoping that these plans will not translate into action and will not be implemented in any way,” he stressed.

The Russian-American relations are being sacrificed for the benefit of certain political forces, Peskov noted.

“Overall, as presidential campaign in US progresses, our country and the Russian-American relations traditionally become a proverbial lamb that must be sacrificed, if one wants to achieve any success in the electoral business,” the Kremlin spokesman commented. “This is regrettable,” he added.

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