Kamaz to Start Euro-6 Trucks Production in August

Kamaz plans in August 2020 to complete certification and start production of Euro-6 eco-friendly trucks for the Russian car market, the company’s CEO Sergei Kogogin said in a statement, TASS reported.

According to Kogogin, despite the fact that Euro-5 environmental standards are currently in force in Russia, the company is ready to start production of Euro-6 trucks in August.

Production will be established both at the main Kamaz plant and at the capacities of a joint venture with Daimler — Daimler Kamaz Rus. New Euro-6 trucks will fully meet the requirements for identifying products as manufactured in the Russian Federation.

According to the business plan for 2020, Kamaz expects to sell 29,000 trucks in the Russian market and 6,700 abroad. At the same time, the carmaker plans to occupy a 46% share in the truck market in Russia. The company has not yet reported about adjusting plans in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Kamaz is the largest Russian manufacturer of trucks and is one of the twenty leading global manufacturers. The company manufactures trucks, trailers, buses, engines, powertrains and various tools.

The largest shareholders of Kamaz, according to information posted on the company’s website, are the Rostec state corporation (47.1%), Avtoinvest (23.54%) and the German concern Daimler (15%).

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