Forbes: 38 Russians Became Billionaires in Past Decade

Russia ranks 6th in the list of countries that grew the most billionaires in the past decade, Forbes magazine reported on Thursday.

The country has 38 more people whose fortune is estimated at $1 billion or more: in 2010 there were 61, and now, according to the magazine there are 99. The Forbes magazine included Russia’s richest woman, Tatyana Bakalchuk, founder and CEO of online retail venue Wildberries, as well as the president of the business association “Business Russia” Alexei Repik.

China placed first, with 325 new billionaires; in 2010 there were 64. At the same time, Forbes separately examined Hong Kong – the special administrative region of China – and placed it in fifth place (over 10 years the number of people with a fortune of at least $1 bln increased by 41: from 25 to 66).

In the USA, the number of billionaires increased by 210 and amounted to 614. Germany took third place – there were 55 more billionaires in the past decade, with the total number reaching 107. India is in 4th place, where the number of billionaires grew from 49 to 102.

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