Dutch Companies Help Russia Develop Horticulture Sector: Analyst

The Dutch business community plays a prominent role in developing greenhouse horticulture in Russia, Meeuwes Brouwer, who has been an agricultural consultant in Russia for almost four years, told Horty Daily.

Agriculture is developing rapidly in Russia, with the country’s agricultural ministry focusing on stimulating exports that rose to around $27.5 billion in 2019.

“For a Dutch diplomat in Moscow you sometimes have to be very cautious,” says Brouwer. “My challenge is to keep the dialogue on agricultural and horticultural issues going within the given relationships between Russia and the Netherlands. That is exciting and educational. In practice, it appears that we can cooperate reasonably well with the Russian authorities on agriculture, horticulture, and food.”

Brouwer says the rapidly expanding agriculture sector in Russia calls for technology and know-how possessed by Dutch companies. 

“The investment plans in this country to build up the agricultural sector led to a growing demand for animal and vegetable starting material and innovative technology, including agricultural tools, greenhouses and, for example, milking robots. Many Dutch companies have responded to this. At agricultural fairs, I come across dozens of companies that are active in one of these sectors,” says Brouwer.

“When it comes to the growth of greenhouse horticulture in Russia, the Dutch business community plays a prominent role. This applies to more sectors. The reciprocal sanctions have resulted in losers, but also winners. The greenhouse builders and seed companies belong to the latter group,” the expert added.

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