Number of Coronavirus Cases in Russia Surpasses 5,300

The number of people infected with a new coronavirus infection in Russia has grown by 658 over the past 24 hours and now stands at 5,389 in 79 regions of the country. At present, 355 people have recovered, 45 people have died, said reporters on Sunday at the operations headquarters to combat the spread of the new coronavirus infection, TASS reported.

“In the Russian Federation today, 5,389 cases of coronavirus infection are registered in 79 regions. 22 people were discharged with recovery in a day. 355 people recovered over the entire period. Two patients died in Moscow in a day. 45 over the entire period in Russia,” the headquarters said.

It is noted that new infected were recorded in 14 regions: Moscow – (536), Moscow Region – (45), Nizhny Novgorod Region – (22), St. Petersburg – (20), Tula Region – (10), Leningrad Region – (10 ), Krasnoyarsk Territory – (4), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – (3), Republic of Crimea – (2), Kamchatka Territory – (2), Yaroslavl Region – (1), Chelyabinsk Region – (1), Khabarovsk Territory – ( 1), the Novosibirsk region – (1).

According to the headquarters, four patients were discharged per day in Moscow, three each in the Moscow and Arkhangelsk regions, two each in the Voronezh, Tambov regions and the Republic of Mordovia. One person was discharged in the Penza, Lipetsk, Samara, Pskov regions, as well as the Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Chuvashia.

The outbreak caused by the new coronavirus disease was recorded at the end of 2019 in Central China, spread to most countries of the world and was recognized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic. According to the latest data, more than 1 million people were infected in the world, more than 55 thousand deaths were recorded.

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