Chubais Becomes Member of The Board of Directors of Sistema

The shareholders of PJSC AFK Sistema at the annual meeting approved the corporation’s board of directors in an updated composition, expanding it from 11 to 12 people, said Andrei Dubovskov, deputy chairman of the corporation’s board of directors, Interfax reported.

The board of directors of Sistema includes Vladimir Chirakhov, the former head of Detsky Mir and the president of the corporation since April 2020, as well as the head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais and former deputy prime minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider. Chubais and Schneider joined the board of directors as independents.

Chubais is the chairman of the board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC. Schneider was Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economics and Minister of Health of Luxembourg from 2018 to February 2020.

The main owner of Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, deputy chairman of the board of directors and ex-president of the corporation Andrei Dubovskov, chairman of the board of directors of MTS Felix Yevtushenkov, former head of the corporation and president of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin, former top manager of AFK Ron Sommer remain on the board of directors of AFC, independent directors Anna Belova, Robert Kocharian, Roger Mannings and David Yakobashvili.

The board of directors of the corporation left Sergey Boev (who was on the board since 2013), who is the general manager of the SPRN and heads PJSC IAC Vympel, as well as the former Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg and the former representative of the Government of Luxembourg in the Council of Ministers of the European Union, Jeanne Krecke ( served on the board since 2012).

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