Authorities Hope for Chukotka University to Solve Human Resources Problem

The authorities in Chukotka, in Russia’s Arctic, say that the opening of a university in the remote region would help educate young professionals who later on would stay in the region and work there, TASS reports.

Chukotka’s Deputy Governor Andrei Bolenkov recently took part in the Arctic-2020 conference, together with Russia’s Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East and Arctic Alexander Krutikov.

They concluded that the ministry would support the initiative to open a university on Chukotka, which will use distance learning technologies and will conduct local research. The ministry would help the region to implement the project, Krutikov said.

“The university would be a scientific center to study the Arctic and Chukotka, and an educational institution to train specialists for the region – for the local economy and in cooperation with businesses. Usually not more than 10-15% of graduates return from the mainland, and even those who come back do not always choose jobs which fit the received education. The new university will educate specialists, who will stay in the region,” the deputy governor told TASS.

According to the local employment center, Chukotka, which has substantial economic potential, needs people for jobs of reindeer herders, accountants, veterinarians, tutors, teachers in rural areas, doctors of narrow specialization, and highly qualified workers.

Presently, the center has about 50 vacancies of doctors, 40 – of engineers, 12 – of accountants, 8 – of economists, 8 – of teachers, etc. Highly demanded specialists may receive support from the local authorities – paid accommodation, regular or annual benefits, and various incentives.

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