Audit Chamber: Government Should Help All Economic Sectors amid Pandemic

The state should provide targeted assistance to all sectors of the Russian economy in the context of the pandemic, Russian Accounts Chamber auditor Danil Shilkov told TASS.

“Differential assistance will be needed to industries in recognizing all industries as affected,” Shilkov said. According to him, for a number of industries (for example, for public catering) the effect of deferred demand does not work.

The auditor believes that the authorities should significantly increase support for small and medium-sized enterprises, their employees, as well as self-employed Russians. 

“We consider it necessary to significantly strengthen the support measures provided to both enterprises and their employees operating in the field of small and medium enterprises, and self-employed citizens,” he said.

On Thursday, Russia’s business ombudsman Boris Titov said a poll showed that more than of 90% of the country’s businesses have been affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing oil price downturn. 

“The fall in oil prices and the coronavirus outbreak led to the economic deadlock. This is not a simple slide in oil prices resulted in a reclaimable decline in the ruble and erosion of purchasing power, the ombudsman stated. Currently, oil, metal, mineral and other exports are curbed.  Previously, if the ruble rate downed and bolstered exports; today all markets are closed what result in a tangled situation,” he said.

Earlier, Titov himself sent President Vladimir Putin extraordinary measures proposals aimed to regulate the economy under recessional conditions.

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