Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress 2020: Investing in the Future

The 11th Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress – AMM 2020 – will be held in the summer of 2020 in Nur-Sultan, a landmark event for the mining and manufacturing industry in Central Asia.

During two days from June 18 to June 19, international industry experts, chief executive officers (CEOs) of the largest companies in the market, entrepreneurs and specialists will discuss with delegates the main issues of the mining and metallurgical industry and its development prospects.

Over the years, the AMM Congress has proven to be an effective platform for demonstrating modern scientific and practical activities, and has become a place of business communication for mining and metallurgical industry specialists from around the world.

The AMM Congress is held without the participation of public funds and brings real benefits for the development of Kazakhstan’s MMC sector, providing an opportunity to implement new fresh solutions through the experience exchange, best practices and ideas in the areas of digitalization of mining and processing, improving the efficiency of production processes in the mining and metallurgical complex, replenishment of the mineral resource base, legal regulation and, most importantly, attracting foreign investment in the country’s rapidly developing industry.

The importance and effectiveness of the Congress for the mining and metallurgical business is confirmed by the fact that for 11 years it has been fully organized at the expense of the participants – the leading players in the industry, the number of which is growing annually, reflecting their interest in the event.

Annually, within the framework of the AMM exhibition, exhibitors present advanced technologies and innovative developments for companies in the mining and metallurgical industry.

The main leitmotif of the Congress in 2020 will be “Exploration in Kazakhstan: Investing in the Future”. The program will include presentation sessions on new technologies and digital solutions, panel discussions on human resources potential and risk overcoming, round tables on jewelry industry and rare earth metals, training workshops on GR, PR directions, investment site and days of mining metallurgical complex of partner countries.

In addition, the Congress will traditionally include high level government meetings, and the program will present reviews of mining from analytical institutions, prepared specifically for the AMM. The relevance of the selected subjects is confirmed by the ongoing events and trends in the development of mining metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan.

The future of Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgical industry lies in investments in geological exploration, application of the latest digital solutions, development of quality human resources and introduction of new technologies in mining industry. The quality content of the programme and the discussion format of the event allow the fullest possible disclosure of problematic issues in the industry and finding solutions to them.

The importance of such events is explained by a number of issues and tasks faced by the organizers of the Congress: the AMM 2020 will open many platforms for dialogues and will include a series of panel discussions and technical seminars, networking, the traditional competition and “Golden Hephaestus” award ceremony, coal and gold industry forums, a round table on environmental issues, a competition on new digital solutions “Digital Battle” and a panel session on the development of junior companies in mining and metallurgical complexes, where foreign junior companies planning to operate in Kazakhstan and young Kazakhstan companies will have the opportunity to present themselves.

The solution of existing problems of the industry and identification of the main vectors of MMC sector development, including the format of the AMM Congress, will undoubtedly attract the attention of experts, businessmen, specialists and scientists.

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