Aeroflot Not Planning Staff Cuts in the Near Future

Russia’s flagship carrier Aeroflot is not planning to fire staff in the near future, CEO Vitaly Saveliev said in an interview with TASS project Top Business Officials.

“We haven’t cut a single job and we have no plans to do this in the near future. We hope that the situation will get better by the end of this year. In fact, it is getting better already. My hope is that the industry will recover slowly but surely,” Saveliev said.

According to Saveliev, the company had considered several anti-crisis scenarios, which suggested personnel cuts, the sales or bankruptcy of subsidiaries, but finally it decided to avoid this.

“We drafted three scenarios, three packages of solutions I would have activated depending on the circumstances. Precisely the way it was done in 2009. […] I would prefer not to disclose the details. It’s our internal corporate business, but measures to be taken in case of a crisis should be kept handy. At the very least there can be personnel cuts, and at the most there can be the auctioning or bankruptcy of subsidiaries for the sake of survival. We decided to avoid this,” he said.

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