5G Business Publication Launched in Moscow

Digital technologies platform ICT.Moscow and the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) have launched its first business monthly digest dedicated to 5G, Commsmea reports.

“5G for Business” is devoted to the fifth-generation wireless technology, its application to different fields and sectors, and related opportunities to the city’s business. The first issue is dedicated to the theme of 5G and its use in immersive technologies, including artificial intelligence (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° video.

Businesses not directly connected with the telecoms sphere find it hard to understand how they will benefit from 5G. The available information is either superficial or technical and does not provide an answer to the question of how the new generation of communication systems will change business models and processes.

“At the Moscow Department of Information Technology, it is important that we keep the business community updated on developments in communication technology, as its rapid development is raising many questions. As such we seek to provide full and precise information on the progress and development on the pilot projects taking place and the opportunities that they provide,” said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Government of Moscow and head of the city’s Department of Information Technology (DIT).

ICT.Moscow has launched this process jointly with Moscow’s Department of Information Technology to describe specific cases, experience with pilot projects, accelerators and events to which people can bring their own projects and ideas. ICT.Moscow is engaging the expert community in the discussion. This is not simply an aggregation of data on the subject – it’s providing real practical assistance.

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