Protesters in Minsk Move to Hero City Minsk Monument

Protesters in Minsk have moved from the Independence Avenue to the Victory Park and the Hero City Minsk monument, TASS writes.

Several thousand people are taking part in the rally, with a column of demonstrators stretching for more than two kilometers. Approaches to the monument are cordoned off by the military, with the barbed wire encircling the place.

Some of the protesters are calling on people to continue marching along the avenue towards President Alexander Lukashenko’s residence.

According to reports, the security forces have been ordered to start moving towards the demonstrators. Water cannons have been directed at the protesters and the military hardware is on the way. The forces are surrounding the groups of protesters, detaining them and taking them to police vehicles.

So far, several dozen protesters have been detained. Meanwhile, police are releasing women and are asking them to leave the avenue.

Another several thousand people have gathered on October Square near the republic’s Palace and nearby streets. The presidential residence is located two kilometers away from the avenue, as the police are not interfering in this situation, TASS noted.

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