New York Diplomats Receive Death Threats by Unknown Man

An unknown man has repeatedly threatened the lives and well-being of Russian diplomats in New York, the Russian Consulate-General told TASS on Monday.

“Starting on August 10, an unknown man began threatening the Consulate-General’s staff and has also thrown stones at them,” the Russian diplomatic mission said. “As a result of these incidents, damage was inflicted to the Consulate-General.”

According to the diplomats, during his arrest on the first day, the perpetrator was shouting and threatening the Russians in the presence of police. Yet, a day later, he returned and again threw stones at cars at the diplomatic mission’s parking lot.

Even though the attacker “was allegedly detained” earlier, the police failed to issue any citation against him, the diplomatic mission said. “In view of this, the question is why a person, who had repeatedly made threats against the Russian staff of the Consulate-General, was freed each time,” the diplomats said.

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