Moldova should modify its military neutrality policy, Recean says

Moldova has to modify its military neutrality policy in light of Russia’s assault on Ukraine, according to presidential security adviser Dorin Recean, who spoke at a security conference on Tuesday at the Moldovan Defense Ministry, Balkan Insight reported.

Moldova is a militarily neutral nation, as stated in the constitution, and has remained such since 1994. Moldova’s pro-Russian political groups want to keep it that way because they believe that joining NATO will prompt a military reaction from Russia.

Recean made his comments after three Russian-launched missiles struck targets in Ukraine last month while flying through Moldova.

Ukraine was heavily bombed; on Monday, 100 rockets were fired at it, especially targeting vital energy facilities, resulting in brief electrical shortages in Moldova.

Kent Logsdon, the US ambassador to Chisinau, stated at the security conference that the Russian missile attacks were just another illustration of how the Kremlin targets Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure inhumanely and brutally.

Margret Uebber, the German ambassador to Moldova, backed up Recean’s assertion by saying that military neutrality does not preclude Moldova from preparing to protect its territory.

On Monday, many major towns in Moldova, including Chisinau, experienced several hours of complete power outages as a result of Russia’s heavy bombardment of Ukraine.

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